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At Achieve Health, our Victoria Chiropractor team sets itself apart by being part of an evidence-based, multidisciplinary group of practitioners who care for the overall health of each and every patient.

Promoting Healthy Lifestyles

Our Doctors of Chiropractic use the most current, evidence-based strategies to assist you to reduce your pain and improve mobility. They utilize a multitude of approaches including exercise, symptom modification techniques as well as manipulation, or adjustment, of the spine and extremities to empower you to return to the lifestyle you desire. This practice forms an essential part of a patient’s health team. Victoria chiropractors examine patients, and diagnose their condition (for example, an irritated nerve or a motor control issue) to develop an individualized treatment plan.

Who Can Benefit from Victoria Chiropractor Treatment?

Chiropractic can bring pain relief and improved function to patients from many demographics.  People suffering from:


People who have osteoarthritis may have episodic neck and back pain.  Chiropractic manipulation, education regarding the condition, and general exercise, combined with appropriate home care, can provide relief from chronic pain as well as acute flare ups.

Hip Pain

Your hips are built to absorb a lot of pressure on a day to day basis, however, sometimes they can become painful or stiff. Falls & fractures, vehicular accidents or sports injuries can exacerbate any existing hip joint sensitivities. Sometimes, hip pain refers from lower back pain or comes on due to unnecessary bracing of the back and hip muscles. Chiropractic adjustment can help to alter your perception of the abilities of your body and therefore help alleviate this type of pain and improve flexibility.

Chronic Lower Back Pain

Many people suffer from chronic lower back pain, the cause of which is often undiagnosed. Spinal manipulation can alleviate pain for patients that have otherwise been unsuccessful in achieving drug-free relief. Occasionally preventative chiropractic treatment plans can get ahead of flare ups and manage chronic pain effectively.


Chiropractic treatment is may be an excellent addition to a treatment regime for patients with fibromyalgia. Regular adjustments may help patients maintain or improve their ability to stay active.


Headaches can sometimes originate from restricted movement of your neck that may be either a cause or effect of a sensitive nervous system. These types of headaches can often be relieved by chiropractic adjustments. Patients who suffer from headaches caused by tension in the neck and shoulders may also find that manipulation of the spine, combined with exercise, alleviates or improves their headache symptoms.

Description of Manipulation

A Chiropractic manipulation, or adjustment, typically consists of 3 parts:

  • A quick, calculated thrust to the vertebra.
  • A release of gas from the fluid that lubricates the joint. This release can usually be heard with an audible “pop” sound which is perfectly normal.
  • Most patients feel relief of tension and an ease of movement afterwards. Occasionally some people experience some minor irritation a short time after treatment.

These manipulations are meant to increase the patient’s capacity to move regions of their body in order gain range of motion. This in turn may relieve pain and improve function.  Your Chiropractor looks at you as a whole person and will specifically assess your nervous system and musculoskeletal health in making their diagnoses and developing their treatment plan.  Chiropractic care is a drug-free alternative to pain management with an aim towards resolving or managing symptoms entirely.

Complementary Treatments

Your Victoria Chiropractor may advise you to use additional therapies to improve your spine health and relieve pain between sessions:

  • Use of the analgesic effect hot and cold therapy such as ice and hot compresses
  • Targeted or general exercises to improve mobility and relieve pain
  • Massage Therapy to calm your system (nervous and musculoskeletal)
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Common Questions:

What Can I Expect at My First Visit?

The first time you visit our clinic you can expect to complete basic health forms to help us get to know you and your health history. You’ll then have a brief meeting with your Victoria Chiropractor who will discuss your concerns and treatment goals with you. An examination is next so you can be diagnosed, and an individualized treatment plan will be devised. Lastly, you will have an adjustment, and hopefully, some relief from any pain or discomfort. Depending on your specific symptoms you may require only one session, or you may need to come for several sessions over a number of weeks to achieve optimal results.

Will Treatment be Covered by Insurance?

Chiropractic care is covered by most private insurance companies.  We can provide you with receipts for submission or submit the claim for you, with many insurance companies.  Chiropractic care may also be covered by WorksafeBC in certain situations.

Will Chiropractic Manipulation be Painful?

Most of the time our patients experience relief of pain, improved flexibility and greater mobility. There are times when patients feel some discomfort during, or immediately following treatment. These symptoms should not last longer than 24 hours. In these cases, we may make recommendations for pain relief, such as applying ice or heat. Remember that you and your chiropractor have a long term goal of improving your health, so be sure to follow instructions and continue with treatments as prescribed.

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