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Move Past Life’s Difficulties


Psychotherapy is a relational and collaborative form of therapy that helps people improve mental and emotional well-being.

The Benefits of Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy sessions are available in nature, in clinic, and virtually. Art therapy and nature-based therapy sessions with a Registered Psychotherapist are usually covered by insurance.

The psychotherapeutic relationship between the client and therapist works to bring clients to a place of healing connection with self, relationships, and life as it arises. In psychotherapy, clients learn evidenced-based techniques and tools required to move past life’s difficulties and confidently heal from challenging life situations and difficult emotions to reach a place of greater autonomy, self-understanding, well-being, and ease in life.

People experiencing mental or emotional distress, such as anxiety, depression, persistent pain, PTSD, grief, addiction, or other challenging emotions or life situations can deeply benefit from psychotherapy.

Art Therapy and Nature-Based Psychotherapy

What Can I Expect From Art Therapy?

Art therapy is an embodied process of expressing thoughts and feelings through the use of art materials. In art therapy, you will have the chance to draw, paint or build something that can be held in your hands and looked at in many different ways. The way the artwork is discussed with the therapist can help you to see the problems you face in a new way and help you discover solutions from a non-threatening, nonjudgemental, and more objective place.

What Can I Expect From Psychotherapy in Nature?

Nature-based therapy and eco-art therapy place special emphasis on embodiment and attunement through meditative states of deep looking, listening, and mindful creating in nature. This attunement often helps us to experience greater internal alignment. When we are more internally aligned, our physical and emotional well-being is enhanced and supported. Being attuned to nature can also be spiritually beneficial, creating the sensation of being One with all that exists, and the experience of what it means to be human. Nature acts as a partner in therapy by providing a safe space, while also encouraging opportunity for healing metaphors about life to spontaneously emerge, providing powerful therapeutic insight. This allows us to meet and bond with our true inner selves as well as with the more-than-human world (plants, animals, bodies of water, etc.), producing powerful moments of therapeutic insight and beneficial change.

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