Functional Therapeutic Movement with Ben Cormack

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Functional Therapeutic Movement with Ben Cormack

May 23-24, 2020




This is NOT JUST another course telling you movement is important or showing you some new exercises but a course about PEOPLE who move and how to actually apply movement and exercise to them in an informed way.

You could describe it as clinical reasoning for exercise and rehab! It is NOT about the BEST exercise for back pain, a system or a protocol but instead what might work for YOUR patient.

Many therapists struggle taking modern academia around pain and movement and translate it into practical application. This course will outline how to simply apply both physical & cognitively driven components for a therapeutic approach based around HUMANS rather than simply their structures.

This course is applicable for anybody working with people with injury or pain. Physiotherapists, Sports therapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, S & C coaches, Personal trainers, Massage therapists.

The course in a nutshell

  • Looking at the research – What does the research for exercise and movement for pain & rehab tell us? What should we look for and how to apply it in practice.
  • Looking at people. – Key factors that determine the success of any treatment process ESPECIALLY involving exercise. Belief structure, self efficacy & predicted outcome.
  • Looking at pain. – Can we view pain education in a more practical way? Does it really need to be about neuroscience? Thinking about when and why to apply it rather than just the  information.
  • Looking at exercise programming. – How important are getting sets reps etc right? Well it depends on the goal!
  • Getting practical – An embracing application of different types of exercise for low back pain & lower limb. “There are no bad exercises, just bad application”
  • Thinking about clinical reasoning – How can we bring it all together in a systematic way that is not a system.
  • Looking at adherence. Why do people not engage and how can you improve that.