Massage Therapy

Achieve Health is a full-service health clinic offering complementing treatments in the disciplines of Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Chiropractics and Massage Therapy.  Our team is comprised of professionals across these fields who work closely together to meet your health objectives. In obtaining massage therapy, Victoria area patients have come to rely on the skill and expertise of our talented team to help alleviate aches, strains and stress. The benefits of massage therapy extend far beyond the immediate relief and include improved sleep habits, increased mobility and decreased stress.

Massage Therapy can help people from all walks of life, at any age or stage. Regardless of the issue, our expert team of RMT practitioners are here to help:

Workplace Injuries  |  Vehicular Accidents  |  Sports Strains or Injuries  |  Chronic Pain  |  Headaches  |  Stress and Anxiety

Deep Tissue Massage Treatments

Swedish Massage

This technique involves slow, steady strokes that are applied with varying pressure to promote relaxation and stress relief. This treatment is especially useful for patients with headaches, stress and tension. Sessions take place in a quiet, soothing environment and patients are encouraged to relax and rest during treatment. The end result is a rejuvenated body and a rested mind. Patients leave their appointments feeling relaxed and loose, often with immediate relief of symptoms.

Sports Massage

We deliver massage therapy Victoria athletes at any level can benefit from with positive effects. Whether treating an acute injury or chronic pain, our Massage Therapists work to develop a comprehensive plan to manage clients’ care – often in concert with our Physiotherapy department. We know our patients want to get back to their healthy, active lifestyles as soon as possible, so we do our part to get you back in the game – feeling stronger and healthier than ever.

Manual Therapeutic Techniques

Mobilizing peripheral and cutaneous nerves, manipulating joints or Swedish Massage.  These are all techniques designed to address soft tissues and nerves throughout the body and treat persistent strains and stresses.  This type of treatment is especially helpful for a sore neck, shoulder, or back, and helps to relieve discomfort and improve mobility.  Pressure is adjusted to the comfort level of the client to achieve optimal results while ensuring that the patient is at ease at all times.

Pre-Natal Massage

Massage therapy can be extremely helpful during pregnancy, when water retention, weight gain and stress can cause muscle pain, sleep disturbances and headaches.  Our Registered Massage Therapists can provide safe and effective treatment right up to the end of the 3rd trimester, providing comfort and reducing strain.  Pre-Natal massage is effective at encouraging relaxation and often results in better sleep patterns for expectant mothers.

Corporate Health Treatment and Group Events

Looking to relieve tension and promote good health within the workplace? We can arrange a visit with an Achieve Health RMT. Victoria area businesses can improve morale and reduce workplace stress with a mobile visit from a member of our team. Address individual needs in a quiet, private area of your office or business, and enjoy the increased productivity and positivity that massage can provide for your team. Whether as a single “staff appreciation” event, or as an ongoing part of your corporate health initiatives, massage therapy can provide exceptional health benefits to your employees and improved performance for your business.

Regardless of the type of massage that works best for your particular situation, you can rest assured that our friendly and talented RMT’s will work with you to develop a treatment plan that is suited to your individual needs.  Whether you need a session or two or an ongoing treatment plan to address persistent problems, you can count on Achieve Health to provide you with exceptional care and great service at every visit.

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