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Deep Tissue Massage

Тhe term deep tissue massage is widely used in the massage therapy and manual therapy professions. Unfortunately, it has no well-understood or quantifiable meaning and it’s used to entice patients who believe that for a massage to be beneficial it needs to be deep and painful. Massage therapy does not need to hurt to be effective. “No pain, no gain” is an antiquated phrase that should be removed from the thoughts and practices of massage therapists. With a modern understanding of anatomy, physiology and the nervous system, we know that deep tissue massage is actually detrimental to the health of the connective and nervous tissues and may result in prolonging pain in those who are suffering with painful conditions.

To be effective, massage therapy does not need to be ‘deep’. Slow, careful, and properly applied techniques and treatment strategies that incorporate the patients values, treatment goals and the expertise of the massage therapist is all that is needed to achieve longer lasting and beneficial therapeutic benefits.

Deep Tissue Massage Treatments

The principles of what people enjoy about deep tissue massage therapy are still applied by our therapists at Achieve Health. However, we remove the overly painful aspects of deep tissue massage and work slowly and carefully to obtain the best results so our patients can get back to the activities and highest level of well-being possible.

All body areas whether acutely or chronically painful can be treated at Achieve Health in Victoria BC. We can help you with jaw (TMJ), headaches, neck, shoulder, upper back, low back, pelvic, sacroiliac pain and feelings of pain and ‘tightness’ in leg and arm muscles. This includes pains from chronic conditions like osteoarthritis.

All our massage therapists are experienced, educated and committed to providing the most effective healthcare using the latest research and evidence based principles of health care. We want all our patients to know you should not feel extreme discomfort during a massage and any soreness afterwards should be very short lived. At Achieve Health in Victoria BC, or massage therapists are able to adapt their techniques to your needs.

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