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Massage Therapy for Injuries

By February 19, 2018September 3rd, 2021Massage Therapy

If you’ve had an injury, whether through an auto collision, slip and fall, or sporting accident, consider massage therapy to help you to accelerate your recovery.  Many people turn to massage therapy to help improve mobility and flexibility, because it is a solution that addresses your injury from a number of different angles.  Here’s how massage therapy can help you get back to yourself.

Whiplash & Neck Injuries

If you’ve had a car accident or other type of fall that has caused you to injure your neck, you are likely experiencing painful headaches and limited range of motion.  The tightened muscles and strained ligaments are a common defense mechanism in these situations which can be extremely challenging, and are often made worse because of the neck pain that extends through the shoulders and upper back as a result of the hyperextension or hyperflexion of the neck during your accident.

It is important to address these symptoms as soon as possible to ensure that your neck pain does not persist.  Beginning with gentle massage, we will move on to more specific techniques over time if necessary to restore flexibility, decrease sensitivity and relieve those tense muscles.

Broken Bones

Patients that are recovering from a broken bone can often find relief through massage therapy.  Fractures are difficult to manage through day to day life with crutches, slings or other medical devices to carry around.  An experienced RMT can help to relieve pain and muscle tension, improve feelings of well-being and aid in improving mobility.

In fact, your doctor may advise you to begin massage therapy before you even have your cast removed.  Working on the areas surrounding your injury helps to speed up the recovery process.  Once you have your cast removed, we can then develop a treatment plan for the affected area to improve your flexibility, strength and function while minimizing pain and discomfort.


Concussion is a result of a significant blow to the head, and can often take a great deal of time to heal.  Symptoms include headache, confusion and dizziness, but can also include anxiety and stress as well.  Massage therapy can assist patients in achieving relaxation and mental rest to help them expedite their recovery, and can also provide relief for aching muscles which may have been strained in their accident.  Allowing your mind to rest and your body to heal is key to a successful rebound from brain injury.

Sciatic Nerve Pain

If you suffer from this debilitating condition, you are keenly aware of the pain that can radiate from your back, into your hips and down your legs.  While there are many causes, including inflammation from a herniated disc, the result is an irritated sciatic nerve that causes pain, stiffness and impeded range of motion.

Massage therapy can provide much needed relief to strained muscles and helps to alleviate swelling in the affected area as well.  Increasing flexibility and easing stress and strain promotes recovery and, over time, can help to improve the frequency and severity of symptoms.

Stress Relief

Recovering from an injury is a frustrating process.  Often mobility is restricted, and most patients are experiencing some degree of pain.  Taking some time to decompress helps you to stay focused on your recovery, improves mood and relieves tension.

At Achieve Health we have a friendly, professional team of registered massage therapists who can help you to accelerate your recovery and get you feeling your best.  If you’ve had an injury of any kind, speak to us about how we can be an important part of your rehabilitation team.  Your physical and mental well-being are our number one priority!