Massage Therapist

Layle Cobb

Layle is a graduate from The West Coast College of Massage Therapy, Victoria. She has always had a desire to help others and arrived at the choice of pursuing a career in massage therapy during the rehabilitation of a repetitive strain injury. It was during her experience receiving massage therapy she saw a way to combine her desire to help others with her interest in human anatomy and physiology.

Layle believes that creating a calm, safe, and relaxing environment is an essential component of providing effective care. She values the use of active listening, functional testing and assessment in determining treatment plans for each individual and believes in a treatment approach which provides specific targeted treatment while maintaining a relaxing experience.

Keeping your goals in mind she will inform you of her reasoning for treatment and for the home care she provides. Layle values providing her clients with the tools to help themselves at home and believes it is easier to integrate home care exercises into your life when you understand the intentions and desired outcomes involved.

When not in the clinic Layle enjoys reading fiction and educational books, hiking around Vancouver Island, and creating culinary delights.

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