What is Athletic Therapy?

Athletic therapists specialize in injury assessment and rehabilitation, they treat a wide range of patients from athletes, children, and seniors. Athletic therapists can assess and treat injuries to muscles, joints, and bones as well as traumatic injuries such as concussions.
Athletic therapists use their active rehabilitation skills to help clients return to their usual activities, whether that means to competitive sports or walking to the store. To achieve each client’s rehabilitation an athletic therapist will use a wide variety of treatments such as various manual therapies, modalities, exercise programs and prophylactic taping or bracing.
Athletic therapists work both in the clinic and in the field, for example working with sports teams to assess injuries before, during and after athletic activities and then either treat those injuries or refer the client to a doctor or specialist.
An athletic therapist is part of a healthcare delivery team to maximize the performance and welfare of their clients.
Athletic therapists are certified by the Canadian Athletic Therapist Association.

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