About our fees

Those on Medical Savings Plan (MSP) premium assistance may be eligible for coverage for some treatments. We can use your care card number to check if you are eligible for such coverage.

Many extended health care plans also offer coverage for treatments. Greenshield, Sunlife, Standard Life, Great West Life, Blue Cross and many more allow us to direct bill. This means that at the time of your visit you would only be out of pocket the amount of your co-pay (your portion of the visit fee). Coverage varies among providers and plans. You can check with your benefits manager or call the office and we can help you determine your level of coverage.

We accept WCB, ICBC, and DVA coverage.

Our fee structure depends on the kinds of services our clients require. Treatment plans also vary. Please speak with one of our treatment specialists for more information.

Clinic Treatment Rates


  • Initial examination and treatment – $70
  • Subsequent treatment – $50
  • Assessment for new condition -$60

Massage Therapy

  • 20 minutes – $45
  • 30 minutes – $60
  • 45 minutes – $85
  • 60 minutes – $97.15
  • 75 minutes – $125
  • 90 minutes – $153

GST will be added to fees for massage therapy.


  • Initial treatment – $100
  • Subsequent treatment – $85


  • Initial treatment – $95
  • Subsequent treatment – $85